Hebrew Prayers

The following is a list of prayers and blessings that are recited frequently as part of the ongoing ritual life of Or Chadash. We are providing them here to assist our families, students and community members to learn them, and become more comfortable with themEach item has been created in MP3 format, and can be heard through your computer simply by clicking on it. The file will run on your computer in the media player associated with the MP3 format. You may also download items onto your computer to be transferred to CD or MP3 player. To do so,click on the item to open its page. Then click on the MP3 file link. If the file does not play directly from the web site, download it to your PC first, and then open the file in your media player (i.e., Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.)

Please note that the page numbers listed refer to Mishkan Tefillah, according to where the passages are frequently used in worship at Or Chadash.


Shabbat Blessings Blessings for candles, wine and bread.
Blessing the Children Prayers to bless a boy, a girl or both.
Morning and Bedtime Rituals for Children Blessings for children to say upon waking, after eating and before going to bed.
Blessings for Life's Moments For a festive occasion, washing hands, eating bread, and lighting a memorial candle.
Kaddish/Yahrzeit Prayer Prayer to say when in mourning.