We are especially proud of the atmosphere we have created at Or Chadash. Our students participate in learning activities, based on a grade level curriculum. All of our students are involved in tefillah (weekly worship services), music, arts and crafts, library and other special activities chosen to enhance holiday celebrations or curricular themes. We introduce the Hebrew alef bet (alphabet) in the general curriculum in Kindergarten through Second grade. Beginning in third grade, we distinguish the curriculum into two distinct subject areas, Hebrew and Judaica. Our TempleTots program, a parent/child Jewish content playgroup emphasizes the opportunity for young families and their children to socialize in the Temple setting.

Our curriculum in our younger grades focuses on Shabbat and the other holidays, prayers, practices, rituals, and Bible stories. We introduce Hebrew, through sight and sound relationships beginning in kindergarten, and in third grade we divide our Hebrew and Judaica studies into separate components, as the prayer study intensifies. The Judaica curriculum for grades four through seven includes life cycle, Torah, Israel, values, Jewish heroes, holidays and the exploration of other Jewish communities around the world.

An important element of our Religious School program is tzedakah. We teach our children that the word tzedakah is derived from the Hebrew letters Tsadee, Dalet, Kuf which forms the root for righteous. The word Tzedakah, literally means to "do the right thing."

We collect tzedakah weekly in our Judaica classes, and at the conclusion of the year, the students decide how they would like to allocate their tzedakah - through a mitzvah project or donation. One example of a school wide tzedakah program is our annual mitten mitzvah, where we collect mittens, and decorate our sukkah with them. After sukkot, we will donate these mittens to organizations.

Or Chadash Religious School has much to be proud of - we continually seek to find the good -and yes we are growing. Our program begins with Temple Tots, a parent/child playgroup and extends through 10th grade.